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Free & Premium Web Resources

StartKit is a modern Bootstrap template that is best suited for startup websites, software products, mobile app landing pages, SaaS products & small businesses.

It is built with Bootstrap 3.3.6, jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3 (using SCSS preprecessor). It has over 25 pages - pretty much everything you need to launch a product/startup website.

Overview of Features

  • Responsive layout (works on Mobiles, Tablets & Desktops)
  • Fully AJAX with smooth page transitions
  • Over 25 Pages - About, Features, Services, Portfolio, Gallery, Testimonials etc. Everything that is needed to launch a product/startup website.
  • Very well organized file structure with maintainable SCSS & JS code.
  • 100% hand coded with valid HTML5 code.
  • Built with new Bootstrap 3.3.6
  • Integration with many modern jQuery plugins
  • Hundreds of icons from Font Awesome & Glyphicons
  • Smooth & Subtle CSS3 Animations
  • Multiple background images & header styles to choose from
  • SCSS preprecessor for styling (Premium)
  • Nunjucks based HTML templating (Premium)
  • Ruby on Rails & Node.js integrations (Premium)
  • Modern tooling & development workflow. (Premium)
  • Gulp based workflow & development server for easy customization (Premium)

Included Pages

  • Index Page
    • Variant 1: For Small businesses, web applications & startups
    • Variant 2: For Software products, SaaS apps, Startup website
    • Variant 3: For iPhone, Android mobile applications
  • About
  • Services
  • Features
  • Testimonials
  • Contact Page
  • Pricing
  • Portfolio
    • 1 Column Portfolio
    • 2 Column Portfolio - with Isotope/masonry filtering
    • 3 Column Portfolio - with Isotope/masonry filtering
    • Portfolio Show Page
  • Gallery Page
  • Full-width page
  • Sidebar page - content page e.g: Term & Conditions, Privacy Policy etc.
  • FAQs
  • Support/Knowledge Base Page
  • Blog Listing Page
  • Single Blog Post
  • Micro-blog (Tumblr)
  • Login
  • Signup
  • Errors (404, 500)

StartKit Premium

You can use the free version of this template for your personal & commercial projects. If you are looking to customize this template or integrate it with other backends like Ruby on Rails, Node.js etc, I would recommend that you take a look at the Premium version of this template. You can purchase that for $15 and purchasing it will give you the following benefits -

  • Gulp based tooling - It comes with Gulp tasks this will take care of converting SCSS to CSS, concatenating & minifying CSS & JS files and creating a production-ready build.
  • Easier customization using a built in development server with Live Reload & BrowserSync. Your changes will be instantly reflected in the browser.
  • Nunjucks based templating system - no need to copy the same changes across multiple HTML files.
  • Full SCSS source code with nicely organized modules (Please check the section called "File structure & Organization" below for more details)
  • Pre-built integrations with Ruby on Rails and Node.js (Express) backends to get you up to speed really quick.
  • 6 PSD files for quickly changing mockups images that are used in the demo (e.g: showcasing your product screenshot on a Macbook/iPad/Browser window mockup)
  • Priority email support.

FeaturesFree VersionPremium Version
Responsive layout (works well on mobiles, tablets & large screens)

25+ Pages (Home page, Features, Pricing, About, Knowledge base, Blog etc)

Fully AJAX with smooth page transitions

100% hand coded with valid HTML5 code.

Full SCSS code with nicely organized modules.

Nunjucks based templates for making easy HTML changes

Gulp based workflow for compiling SCSS to CSS, minifying CSS, JS & HTML files and creating production ready builds

Development server with live-reloading & browserSync for easier development and customization experience

Prebuilt integrations with Ruby on Rails & Node.js backends

6 PSD files for easily replacing images used in demo with your own product images

Priority Email Support

Pricing & DownloadFREE

Purchase the Premium version now for $15 →

Live Preview
StartKit Free
Free Version - Compiled HTML, CSS & JS files. No SCSS files, no backend integrations, no development server.
StartKit Premium
Full SCSS code base, Nunjucks (HTML) templates, Development Server, Rails integration, Node.js Integration, PSD files & Priority email support.